Our company RAVEN TRADING s.r.o. with its current headquarters located in Olomouc, CZ was established in 1991 originally oriented towards distribution of raw materials for beer production – barley, malt, yeast and hops. Since 2005 we produce our own floor and specialty malts in our malthouse in Záhlinice near city of Kroměříž. In 2016 we also restored within the premises of original lager cellars the tradition of beer production that is dating back to 1896.

Product portfolio includes also CLARCEL filtration kieselguhr and stabilization aids accompanied by our almost 30-years old experience with filtration of liquids.

Our activities cross borders of Czech Republic and nowadays we serve customers worldwide both within and outside of EU eg Russia, Ukraine, Iceland, Vietnam, South Korea, China etc. There we often cooperate also with our experienced Czech master brewers.


Member of Moravian Landtag, future member of Austro-Hungarian Reichsrat, close friend of Emanuel von Proskowetz and native from Záhlinice - Mr. František Skopalík establishes Economic Unity of Záhlinice-Kvasice region that allowed further development in the region.



Grand opening of Brewery in Záhlinice near Kroměříž as publicly traded company.

Brewery in Záhlinice
Brewery in Záhlinice

Mikoláš Aleš (1896) Original of this painting primarily used as advertisement at that time can be seen on a group photo on the right. It was painted by a well-known painter Mr. Mikoláš Aleš and it prays for good health to all the people in Haná region. Character of the man standing on the left of the painting representing local inhabitant of Haná is to be found also on beer label of our 12% pilsen lager proudly called "Hanák".

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Brewery in Záhlinice
Brewery in Záhlinice

Historical photography just after finalizing the construction of the brewery that took only one year. Malthouse was built within following 3 years in northern part of the premises.

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Construction of malthouse

and its grand opening


Liberation day in Záhlinice

“under the chimney”



Raven Trading s.r.o. established with current headquarters in Olomouc, CZ



Our company purchased the malthouse and former brewery in Záhlinice and started long journey of reconstruction to its original beauty.

Malthouse Záhlinice
Malthouse Záhlinice

Barley germinating on floors respecting the traditional and natural way of production

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Malthouse Záhlinice
Malthouse Záhlinice

Attics with floor malt (in front we see historical “japonka” used for transportation of grain up to this day)

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Tradition of brewing in Záhlinice restored in the original area of lager cellars after 120 years.


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